Imakatsu Javallon NEO

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Imakatsu Javallon NEO the basic usage is slow retrieve with no sinker rig. Everyone can easily produce a snappy swim like a unique block shaped body grabs water and softly swells. Also depending on the location and circumstances, Texas Rig · Down Shot Rig · Nail Jig · Jig Head Rig rig etc, all-purpose soft joint bait corresponding to every rig. The dead action at the bottom is also very effective at tough condition. And it is also effective for Chatter-bait trailer. The Javallon Neo keeps the body height considerably low so that it can be used more easily as a trailer.


  • 97     Length:   97 mm.   Quantity: 6 pk
  • 135   Length: 135 mm.   Quantity: 4 pk