Imakatsu Javallon NEO

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  • 97     Length:   97 mm.   Quantity: 6 pk
  • 135   Length: 135 mm.   Quantity: 4 pk


Imakatsu Javallon NEO the basic usage is slow retrieve with no sinker rig. Everyone can easily produce a snappy swim like a unique block shaped body grabs water and softly swells. Also, depending on the location and circumstances, Texas Rig · Down Shot Rig · Nail Jig · Jig Head Rig · Heavy Carolina rig etc, all-purpose soft joint bait corresponding to every rig. The dead action at the bottom is also very effective at tough condition. And it is also effective for Chatterbait trailer. The Javallon Neo keeps the body height considerably low so that it can be used more easily as a trailer.

Ideal for trailers Designed thin for head parts to suit Mora Moss Chatter trailers. Please cut along the soft delta lip cutting guide (yellow line part) and use it. Soft delta lip soft delta lip 's protrusions that also become hook guards protect hook points from cover. Even if you hit the cover, because the lip softly plays, you can capture as licking as you can not jump from the cover.