Imakatsu 3DR REPLICATOR Swimbaits

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The Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait Trinity is a three-piece integrated bait that combines three joints and three variable tails, enabling various unique settings.You can create your own combination settings by combining three different tails and optional hooks to match the conditions of the bus and the form of the field.


Suspend setting with triple hook and flat tail

It is the most basic setting of the replicator and is the form with the highest combat ability in normal use. It features a soft S-shaped action created by multiple joints, a spontaneous action that keeps moving even when stationary, and a slide dirt performance with jerking to the left and right. A notable feature is the joint structure that can determine the direction of the left and right darts from the standstill, while the articulated big bait is extremely difficult to determine the direction of the slide dirt.Replicator with triple hook and flat tail is a big bait that combines the benefits of articulated big bait and single joint big bait (the replicator is set to dead slow floating in this basic setting state) Please adjust the buoyancy with the board weight.

Triple hook specification & boot tail setting

This setting is for using the replicator in Dead Slow I-shaped mode. In Dead Slow, it changes to I-shaped swimming that only shakes the tail, and escape action that begins to vibrate as the articulation shakes as the speed increases. It is a setting that demonstrates the best performance in the style centered on “winding” such as dead throw winding, ultra-high speed winding, “rock placing site” that suppresses the moving distance, and “bottom shake” in the Agrig sinker specification (Note : The tail of the boot tail setting increases the buoyancy of the tail, so the replicator will float.We recommend that you suspend and tune a suitable amount of board weight on the abdomen.)


  • Imakatsu REPLICATOR Swimbait
  • Length 8-2/3 in
  • Weight: 2.4oz
  • Type: Dead Slow Floating
  • Comes with 2 Boot Tails & 2 Flat Tails 4 BHH Hooks