ISM Closer Minnow Lure

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In recent years, small plugs have been attracting attention as a means of fishing for bass that cannot be caught by warming in high pressure lakes. Reaction-based actions are indispensable in tournaments and weekend fields. However, it is difficult to get the size out of actions that tend to be weak because of the small size. The small plugs that have been designed so far do not choose a size that allows the weak action to be caught. So ism wanted a small plug with a strong shape like a shad shape and shad pitch. Even if there are many small cranks, a strong guy who moves brilliantly to the crank with a shad form and shad pitch that has never been before! In addition to high-float avoidance performance in cover cranking, from twisting in open water to high-speed pulling, there has never been a strong and fast wobble action with a high pitch action with absolute stability and a reaction from a big bass The ultimate system of small plugs. New small plug that is neither a shad nor a crank bait.



  • ISM Closer Minnow
  • Length: 2.16 in   Weight: 0.3 oz
  • Depth: 6 to 8 ft.   Type: Floating