ISM Magnaberius 180F Jerkbait

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Even though it is a magnum size, it responds firmly to rod work and dirt,? If there is such a minnow, wouldn't it make the big fish go crazy. The jerk bait that some big fish hunters were looking for Realized  and Magnaberius was born. From the wobbling roll action just by winding, to the rod work. Swing your head agilely and dart. Induces a bite with an unprecedented magnum impact. Although the dive depth is MAX 2m, it is possible to control the range at the rod position, and answer firmly from the first action. The good response is also effective for patterns that can be eaten by slow rise.


Length: 180mm   Weight: 59g   Depth: 0-2m   Type: Floating

Hook size: RYUGI Earrings Twin Brutal # 1