ISM 4” Ungula Tail 5pk

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The ISM Ungula Tail although it is a paddle tail that can finally catch water, it has transformed into an unprecedented asymmetrical twin tail. Crawl action that generates different dimensions of water current stimulates the instincts of fish eaters. A new kind of soft plastic bait that no one could create

Grab the water firmly with the original hoof-shaped tail (UNGULA TAIL), and direct the action in heavy down shot rigs, Texas rigs, leaderless down shots, etc. In addition, the slippery body shape allows it to be used without stress on vegetation such as weeds or heavy covers. Recommended rigs Texas rig / jig head rig / no sinker rig / down shot rig / leaderless down shot / jig trailer etc Recommended hook Offset hook / Weighted hook Recommended hook size 3/0 4/0