Jackall Chubble 80SR Crankbait

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The Jackall baitfish form crankbait, the Chubble Series was launched by the lure designer Kato Seiji. As an upsizing model the chubble 80 is a model that was born from the experience. Kato gained by himself in the US Tournaments. The benefits of upsizing are more power and action and the ability to collect fish is improved. Also increased buoyancy and improved cover evasion ability. It can be brought closer to the silhouette of medium-sized baitfish such as Bora and Oikawa and so on. In addition the chubble 80 has excellent swimming stability and a balanced design despite it’s large body size.


  • Jackall Chubble 80SR Crankbait
  • Length: 3.1 in   Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Depth: 2 to 4 ft.   Type: Floating