Jackall DUNKLE 7” Swimbaits

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Big impact & natural action

Professional angler TAKUMA HATA asked “DUNKLE” for outstanding performance in catching the largest fish in any field. The tail action that is the key to swimbait is not too strong, wobbling roll action. It has the power to convey the action created by the tail to the head part, while fascinating the bass with a natural body action that does not give a sense of discomfort. Water displacement created from the big head, the synergistic effect with the impact, the action to induce the bite of the bass is finished while the fish collecting power is outstanding. In addition, the unique hook setting system can be set either above or below the body depending on the approaching situation. It is essential to capture the target range from the water surface to the bottom without stress. Please feel the power of DUNKLE, which is filled with the commitment of TAKUMA HATA.


Length: 7 in   Weight: 2.2oz (62g)   Type: Sinking