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KAESU 3.6" Lop Hog 7pk Soft Creature Bait

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The New Kaesu Lop Hog is designed with various elements, focusing on the effect of the claws that are the core of hog-type worms. The slender body and claws designed to deflate as it progresses, as well as the ability to slip through the cover, keep the silhouette compact when falling, and appeal with a bold silhouette change that opens wide when reaching the bottom. It demonstrates the ability to collect fish larger than its size. In addition, the Kirikake structure arranged on the large claws reacts to a slight water flow and generates a tight vibe on the pintail and arm.


LENGTH: 3.6 inch
MATERIAL 5%SALT MATERIAL,Fish & Shrimp Scent Formula
HOOK SIZE: #1~1/0