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KAESU 5.7” Kirikake Worm 8pk

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How can we add a bite-triggering factor to the monotonous straight worm's action? KIRIKAKE is a brand-new straight worm that has resolved this challenge with KAESU's ingenuity.ts hallmark, KIRIKAKE (notched) tail quickly opens and closes even with the weakest water flow. As the water resistance increases, the unique right-and-left micro-vibration comes to play. In shaking, the body bends dynamically as the ultra-thin tail dances and entices. In lift-and-fall or swimming, the form When it's in a staying mode, KIRIKAKE maintains the subtle shape as a straight worm should be that doesn't scare away the bass. When you add a rod action to it , the dynamic and complex actions trigger a bite. These characteristics are quite effective for Texas, Neko rig, down shot, wacky jig head,or anglers' latest favorites such as free rig, Jika rig and other bottom-attacking rigs. For the middle range, where the swimming action with the undulating body and micro-vibrating tail is attractive, KiRIKAKE works excellent as a jig head rig in falling Also, for mid strolling, where the stick bait has been the mainstream, KIRIKAKE will bring astounding results as a new approach.


LENGTH 5.7inch
Fish & Shrimp Scent Formula