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Kaesu ISANA Soft Swim Baits

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The Kaesu ISANA flexibility to match any kind of rig and outstanding usability – the commonsense concept in creating stick baits. We pursued it on a different level until we came up with ISANA. We sought the most effective elements for different rigs while developing ISANA. Exquisite material setting, Long cast performance by the high specific gravity, ISANA is almighty for any rig and this will bring sure results.On the back and the stomach, materials with drastically different weight of salt contents are used to secure an ideal falling posture. The upper fin is soft and light, while the lower tail is created for strong, graceful actions with the heavier material. The high-density bait is harder to break and lasts well on the hook. The original formula is made of extracts from bait fish and shellfish.


  • Kaesu ISANA
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