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Kaesu RAIKIRI / KRK205 Swimbaits

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The KAESU RAIKIRI Swim bait from high floats to sinking, with a Loadable Variable Weight (Reload Weight System) that allows you to adjust the buoyancy according to the situation and a lightweight body that does not require excessive heavy tackles, the RAIKIRI gets through all ranges with excellent operability , Big Bait is a big bait that transforms the game into something more technical and fun. Sliding and dog walk with crisp the exciting top water game to the big bus breaking the surface of the water, from the S-shaped swimming as well as the waking and sliding dirt, high-speed stop & amp; go, the wide response ability to handle everything is a flat body that responds quickly to the rod operation This is a complete setting made only by Rikiri, realized by its high response and unwavering stability. A colorful yet tireless big bait game that responds quickly to field and bus conditions and catches it with quick operation while securing a silhouette that is one of the major factors that attracts the bus is Big Bait.In addition to meeting the expectations of the anglers who are familiar with Big Bait, even the anglers who have been so far away should be reminded of the effectiveness of Big Bait with surprising fishing results.


  • Kaesu RAIKIRI Swim Baits
  • Length: 8 in   Weight: 3 to 3.4 oz