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Kaesu Tiny Masamune Straight Swim

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Tiny MASAMUNE is an I-shaped lifelike bait.As the built-in “Water duct” takes water in and out, it eliminates the body movement.What entices bites is the micro-vibration of the elastomer tail.Tiny MASAMUNE just swims straight with The unique action imitates the bait fish separated from a school, weary and afraid of an attack from bass.Even the most cautious bass, that never opens its mouth to any approach, would not hesitate to bite.Tiny MASAMUNE comes in the size of common bait fish seen in all fields and works not only in big lakes, but also in reservoirs, ponds and rivers.In addition, the insertable plate weight can freely control the floata-bility, allowing you to quickly change your mind between floating From the surface to middle range, you can manage your game plan depending on your situations.Tiny MASAMUNE, with its exceptional capacity to seduce bites, also works as a search bait by retrieving over a wide area.This I-shaped swim bait, unlike any other, will bring you steady results.



  • Length: 4 in   Weight: 0.3 oz   Type: Floating / Sinking
  • Comes with one spare tail


The insertable plate weight can adjust float-ability easily and quickly without interfering with the Water duct’s function, enabling a fast switch between sinking and floating. The plate allows you to plan your game depending on the bass’ agility, the range or field.


We came up with our original design “Water duct” that runs through the body after meticulously exploring no swimming action. The water flow caused by retrieving enters the body of Tiny MASAMUNE and controls its action.The body maintaining “no action” regardless of the effects from the rod and line handling.