Kahara Rat'n Rats

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Setting itself apart from other rat-style baits on the market, the MLT Rat N Rat features two Colorado-shaped blades dangling from the rear of the bait. The two blades provide additional flash and vibration, attracting bass from greater distances and generating vicious strikes. Each MLT Rat-N-Rat also boasts an extremely realistic profile, complete with dynamic colorings, 3D eyes and a seductive soft plastic tail. The soft body of the MLT Rat'N Rat is also easy to work along the water's surface, while providing excellent collapsibility for quality hooksets. Throw it anywhere you would throw a normal rat-style bait, the MLT Rat N Rat with its two silver blades, is in a league of its own - providing added fish attraction to a proven design.
  • Length: 3 in.   Length with Tail: 5-7/8 in.   Weight: 3/4 oz
  • Type: Topwater