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Lawless Lures Sunbore Swimbaits at low speeds it snakes naturally and at high speeds it is a straight and tight swim. The tall and thick body enables strong water push with torque, and the three-piece body is effective for natural movement. A combination of accessory parts that can be replaced with a screwdriver can handle from low to high speeds and from top to bottom. It is possible to tune according to the field environment of the day, such as changing the action and increasing the obstacle avoidance ability. This lure is a floating and Slow Sinking can be achieved by setting the accessory lead.


  • Length: 8 in   Weight: 7 oz   Type: Floating & Sinking
  • Hook: Owner Cultiva #1/0  ST-46 size
  • All Lawless Sunbore Swimbaits come with a wire bumper one bill inserts for tuning from floating to sinking with one screw