Madotachi Hanitas Plus Swimbaits

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Hanitas Plus is a special big bait sold by Madotachi. It was named "Hanitas Plus" by adding the characteristics of big bait to Hanitas, and it is equipped with the same Quing System (Qwing System) as Hanitas. Not only has it been increased in size, it has become a completely different lure in terms of action and appeal.

Hanitas Plus Action Range

1st It demonstrates high performance as a winding that can be searched easily, and as an operation plug by rod work or reeling.0.5m

2nd It supports a wide range of retrieve speeds and features strong and glossy action. The most stable and versatile basic mode.1.0m

3rd A low to medium speed specialized type that parries water and dives weakly. Evasion performance is improved by installing a smart guard (sold separately), and bottom capture is possible.1.5m


Length: 7 in (180mm)   Type: Floating   
Weight: 2oz class (about 57g)
Hooks: Owner STY-35MF # 1