Madotachi Hanitas Swimbaits

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The Madotachi Hanitas lure is designed to be able to adjust the lure actions and the target ranges with Q-Wings angles which have three different setting option called Q-Wing system


1st mode … Rolling action with fast reeling … Depth: 2 ft (0.5m) 

2nd mode … Wobbling action with any speeds reeling … Depth: 3ft (1.0m) 

3rd mode … Slalom action with regular reeling and I-shaped action with slow reeling … Depth: 5ft (1.5m)


  • Madotachi Hanitas Swimbait
  • Length: 5 in (130mm)   Weight: 1.5oz   Type: Floating
  • Recommended Hook Size: #2 or #3

*Please note to hold the lure body tight in one hand and pull the Qwing forward and turn it up/down in other hand(fingers) when you change the wing angle.