Megabass BIG-M 4.0 Giant Killer Crank

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The Megabass BIG-M is the evolutionary result of many years of Megabass big crank baits. It leaves behind the fat bodied and long billed design of past deep cranks, assuming a flat side design with a short lip and low center of gravity. It realizes sharp, rolling action that generates an overwhelming flushing impact. This design is meant to trace the productive zone at a range of 11 to 13 ft. It has incredible castability that allows it to slice through headwinds, combined with low-resistance retrieve which allows it to be used all day long with minimal fatigue. The BIG-M has the power to draw in big bass lurking in the depths, all contained within a package full of extraordinarily refined engineering. Developed under the guidance of Lake Biwa’s “manager,” Shinji Sato, Yuki Ito and the development team came together to produce this next generation big crank. This giant killer crank will dramatically increase contact rates with big bass.  


  • Megabass BIG-M 4.0
  • Length: 5 in   Weight: 2 oz   Depth: 13 ft.