Megabass Body Balance 1pk

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Megabass Body Balance jig heads and Tetsuya Nakamura is constantly evolving and testing of more than one year, jig head the ultimate managed to finally complete. Is kept in a proper posture large shad tail worms tend to roll over, providing swimming stable. In order to keep the horizontal position the body balance of trailer, balancer slant ballast design which extends as the sled has to lower the center of gravity of the worm, as the name implies. And are able to be to stabilize the balance swimming, monsters Spooky of a tough field nor uncomfortable, chased without hesitation, to bring in bytes. Hook setting even if the setting in the somewhat rough Shad tail worm severe, you can keep the action of the original and a proper attitude. When you set once the body balance, that the difference of the jig head is greatly influenced by the fishing should be realized. It also uses "double worm keeper", Shad tail worm body bulky also plummeted shift. Long cast powerful is possible without hesitation.