Megabass 4” Bottle Shrimp (6pk)

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Megabass has been exporting incredibly effective and innovative lures since the mid 90’s, and continues to produce some of the most popular lures being thrown today. Megabass’s uncanny ability to create eye-catching lures transcends into the arena of soft plastics very well, as evidenced by the Megabass Honjikomi Bottle Shrimp. Built with unwavering Japanese intricacy, the Megabass Honjikomi Bottle Shrimp is a lethal freshwater prawn and crayfish imitation. Packed with an organic blend of natural flavors, the Megabass Honjikomi Bottle Shrimp features a ribbed construction adorned with two buoyant claws that create an enticing defensive crawfish presentation. Available in a number of proven Megabass colors, the Megabass Honjikomi Bottle Shrimp works particularly well on both a Texas-rig and as a jig-trailer.