Megabass DX-Free Crankbaits

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The Megabass DX-Free Crankbait utilize the same proven profile of their established Deep-X crank baits the Megabass DX-Free crank baits are designed for fishing shallower water. Anglers have raved over the Deep-X crank baits action as they are responsible for numbers of big bass all over the world from Lake Biwa, Japan to Lake Fork, TX and Clear Lake, CA - wherever big bass reside, the Deep X Crank baits have proven a worthy choice. With that success as their foundation, Megabass went back to work creating a shallower version dubbed the DX-Free series. Currently including two models - DX 2.0 and DX 3.0, the DX-Free Crank baits are built with the same profile and action, but are designed to dive 6 feet and 9 feet respectively.


  • 2.0   Length: 75.0 mm.   Weight: 3/4 oz.   Depth: 6 ft. 
  • 3.0   Length: 75.0 mm.   Weight: 3/4 oz.   Depth: 9 ft.
  • Type: Floating