Megabass i-Jack Wakebait

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From the storied lineage of the Megabass IT-JACK comes a new, multi-dimensional wake bait by Yuki Ito: i-JACK.Experience massive surface-waking impact and an intense twisting, flashing body-action that captures the imagination of predator fish. Powered by a STING RAY BILL, RUDDER ACTION BALANCE SYSTEM (RAB) PAT.P, and specially-tuned knocking sound system, I-JACK performs an incredible rolling action as it pushes water with its large, flatside design, attracting target fish from great distance.RAB (PAT.P) system not only generates seductive knocking sound as I-JACK moves through the water, but also allows for crisper action and precise angler input. I-JACK is a creation of the ITO ENGINEERING design group, which carries forward a proud tradition that includes the Vision 110 PopMax, and I-Slide.


  • Megabass i-Jack
  • Length: 4.2 in.   Weight: 1 oz.   Type: Floating