Megabass i-Slide 135B Swimbait

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Megabass i-SLIDE135B is mounted fixed to the body hook "MAGHOLD system (PAT.P)" a. By a magnetic field and enhanced hook assist slit, prevents lateral displacement of the hook hold, is realized swimming was stable over all retrieve speed. Dilution of presence of the hook, produces an overwhelming advantage in Clearwater work visibility. Also, since the hook point is fixed, the set of hooks achieve smooth without loss of hooking power. I have contributed to the improvement of the hooking rate has been a problem of joint lure conventional. In addition, realizing the kick turn some sharp quick and very smooth slalom action like the original. It asked the fish in slalom action, to bring in reaction bite "360 ° (Three Sixty)" in by twitch, you can deploy the fishing let it eat. I will Yes to setting the slow sinking at about 10-15. There is a case such as by water temperature conditions and field, type changes. Please adjust the split ring and hook size, and weight. 


  • Megabass i-Slide 135B 
  • Length: 5-1/4 in.   Weight: 1 oz.   Type: Slow Sinking