Megabass IxI Shad Type-3 LBO2

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A new-generation Megabass IxI Shad Type-3 LBO2  who made Koito Imae and said, "This is what Elai got done!" The strongest model TYPE-3 boasting the largest dive in the series can trace a maximum depth of 3.0 m long and can withstand even a depth of only 1.2 m. It reduces the stack in shallow and enables "dense hard contact" with the bottom structure. Yoshiki Ito's new shadform engineering, which embodies Kaoru Imae's "pre-falling theory" at a high level, embodies a dense contact and brilliant ultra-high pitch action. It's the ultimate Versatile Shad.


  • Megabass IxI Shad Type-3 LBO2
  • Length: 57.0 mm   Weight: 1/4 oz
  • Depth: Max 2.4 m   Type: Slow Floating