Megabass 8" Magdraft Swimbaits

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The Megabass MagDraft Swim bait it's development code name, X-SWIMMER-MAGDRAFT. As its name suggests, in its natural body that consists of soft skin, magnet is built, and close contact with triple hook that had gotten to Supuku the monsters of hard-bitten to the body.And at the same time dilute the presence of hooks, mitigation of the water flow resistance hook undergoes had been dancing from side to side shake.Pursuing a very natural action and wave, you have to realize the swim performance and stable balance swim in a huge three-glass area that needle had been interference.Fins protruding to the left and right, to suppress the body roll, to reproduce a natural bait to swim in a very natural way, out of the triple hook that was brought into close contact with the body by the mag hold system , the two hooks that Seridasu to top In the guard, and to allow the near-contact to close the cover as possible.

  • Length: 8 in     Weight: 3.1 oz