Megabass MEGADOG Megasize Pencil Bait

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The Megabass MEGADOG has a fixed center of gravity. In addition, it has a seesaw balancer and inertial balancer built in as is tradition with the DOGX series. The seesaw balancer makes it easier for the head to pivot side-to-side, and the inertial balancer swings the body side-to-side, accentuating the head movement for easy, powerful dog-walking action. This mechanism is something used since the original DOGX and allows for intuitive, consistent action. It’s all a repetition of that process. Since it swings its head as it roll-walks, showing its large sides to targets below, the MEGADOG has excellent flashing performance despite being a top water plug. During such movement, the fluctuation of the silhouette from fat to thin also helps to trigger bites from fish.


  • Megabass MEGADOG
  • Length: 8-2/3 in   Weight: 4-1/2 oz   Type: Topwater