Megabass OG Anthrax

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The Megabass ANTHRAX is probably the most unconventional looking bait to be added to the Megabass lineup. It swims, actually ‘rolls’, with its belly up and the large anal fin hits the water surface if exposed and ‘scrambles’ the water if submerged. Thanks to the newly developed ROLLER GYRO BALACER SYSTEM , there is enough torque for the fin to overpower the water resistance. The ANTHRAX is designed to create the boiling action of panicked baitfish with a twitch. And if retrieved with your rod tip up it will make unique water surface disturbance like the GRIFFON ZERO, and with the rod tip down it is a subsurface crank minnow. The ANTHRAX captures for the first time the action of the panicked bait, which creates those familiar boils on the water.



  • Megabass OG Anthrax
  • Length: 83 mm   Weight: 3/8 oz   Type: Wake bait