Megabass OG Live-X Margay StepCat

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While the original Megabass Margay has pushed the meaning of jerking action to its limit with the Moving Balancer, due to its large lip it does not cast very well with bait cast rods. The new Margay Step Cat addresses to this issue by reducing the size of its lip without losing the original sharp and unpredictable darting action. You no longer need to use spinning rods for casting the new Margay Step Cat or to be frustrated by trying to cast against winds. All you need is a F2 or F3 level bait rod, and you will be delighted to see how easy it is to cast this new bait. The Margay Step Cat will surely add a new dimension to your shallow water fishing.



  • Megabass OG Live-X Margay StepCat
  • Length: 2.7 in   Weight: 1/4 oz   Type: Suspending