Megabass OG SR-X Cyclone Crankbaits

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The Megabass SR-X Cyclone is a silent, shallow-range crank bait featuring a fixed Shaft Balancer System a Hydrodynamic body with water intakes, and a lip designed to create deflections and maximize wobbling action. The unique body design incorporates water intakes that channel water as the lure is retrieved, adding to the lure’s action while creating unique underwater-vibrations and bio-sounds. The balancer-system combines with the finely tuned exterior design to deliver an ultra high-pitch vibrating action with incredible body-roll, which generates massive flash. In addition, the unique Hydrodynamic properties of the SR-X Cyclone add dimension to the popular "stop and go" retrieve, causing the SR-X to float up slightly and turn on it’s lateral axis when the retrieve is paused, luring sleeping monster-bass.



  • Megabass OG SR-X Cyclone 
  • Length: 2-3/16 in.   Weight: 3/8 oz.   
  • Depth: 4 ft.   Type: Floating