Megabass i-Loud Prop Darter Wakebait

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The Megabass i-LOUD showcases the same Rudder Action Balancer System of the i-JACK, housed in a new concept jointed wake bait/prop bait designed by ITO ENGINEERING. The RAB System emits a resounding ‘knock’ as it throws its weight from side to side, giving off a strong sonic presence as it helps power the outsized action of i-LOUD’s jointed body. Rear prop adds another layer of lively sound, and leaves a bubble trace along the retrieve line. With a large profile, and even larger action and sound, i-LOUD represents an aggressive approach to activate the feeding modes of dormant monster bass, and trigger explosive bites.


  • Megabass I-Loud
  • Length: 4 in.   Weight: 1 oz.   Type: Wake bait