Megabass 4" Spark Shad Swimbaits 5pk

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SPARK series Megabass Factory and Big Bass Hunter Nakamura Tetsuya to joint development.Shad tail worm long-awaited their respective know-how has been condensed, was completed at last! The best feature of the tail design that was thin to the limit in order to generate the body shape of a boat hull that produces a high straight-line stability, such as the (hull), a faint wave. Without causing discomfort to the fish to come to chase the long distance, we have achieved the rate of bytes outstanding. Adopted the design of the back and a flat chest fin to enhance the stability further.Can be suppressed to the limit rolling action to the visual appeal, such as if real bait if they were also monsters strong vigilance. addition, without the hook point is violent, action that suppresses the rolling, which is given effect to rise dramatically the hooking rate.Schooling as bait, or alone, please Enjoy the experience, the effect of Real cruising action SPARK SHAD a set with SPARK.