Megabass Type-X Extreme Topwater

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The Megabass Type-X Extreme Topwater by a fast continuous twitch reminiscent of shaking, produced the motion acrobatic under water, it would be bytes floated the bus while Stay in pin spot. It is not even close to the fluttering of the minnow, the movement, movement very wacky. This "hovering" is, but deadly tricks that would put the switch to the monster to his or tight overhang of bush along the shore, in the shade of the reservoir rock. from early summer Shade pattern becomes strong, late autumn the reaction to the top water becomes weak, hovering of type X show me the overwhelming destructive power. Of course, the mixture was stirred grabbed enough water just to throw retrieve the water just below the water surface and, since appeal in action over slightly, the size of the fish to come drawer also good. During the prototyping stage, it was cyber silhouette such as the stealth fighter, but in the final stage of prototype, I tried to have leading to the wildlife caricature, character by mimicry. As a result, you can view, use, and fishing, and became (It is. Puzzle work that actually, there is a way put to the Asylum, into the tray properly.) 


  • Length: 59.0 mm.   Weight: 5/16 oz.   Type: Topwater