Megabass Wooden Scream-X Double Prop Topwater

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This does not follow up the strong vibration and the strong impact like the traditional big bait does. Preferably, for the purpose of turning on the switch to spooky fishes ,it is developed to bring the finess feeding impact so that the fish does not ignore the bait like the other ITO lures."To catch the steady fish of after spawn". "the function as the great teaser which turn on the feeding switch to the slow fish", "the quiet landing sound, which does not match to the size, for the silent presentation", "the automatic flattering at the time of landing", "the twist of water at the time of action". We seek after more than 15 elements to catch fishes such as the abovementioned and take shape them. Scream-X with swish sound and splash brings the light dog walk with good response, twisting its body steady on dirting from right to left. It is the original movement called "HATAKICK action", beyond the traditional concept of swisher which seeked after the hard swish sound. Various actions and impacts brought from the original form such as the steady sliding turn and the drifting action by jerk, will invite the spooky big fishes. SCREAM-X can bring various actions and impacts, which we can not introduce here, by angler's techniques. Please use at various fields and situations. The secret doors will be opened inside SCREAM-X



  • Length: 105 mm.   Weight: 3/4 oz.   Type: Topwater