Megabass XS Limberlamber Swimbait

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Megabass has finally introduced the long awaited final weapon, the S shape method! The name is XS135 “LIMBERLAMBER”. XS has modified the content of ITO Engineering produced Do-Rum’s air block material and XS has applied it after tuning. It has been hand made produced by the Megabass factory. The S-shape crawling action is automatically produced at straight retrieve while changing direction with an overwhelming turn and kick. XS will directly transmit the action to the angler’s hand. XS applied with high buoyancy air block material will instantly react to the angler’s rod work. By Jerking, it will slide dart underwater managing an aggressive escape dash, and by continuously twitching it will perform underwater dog walk and fluttering action (darting sliding while hopping up) targeting pin spots under water. It will perform just like a real baitfish.



  • Megabass XS Limberlamber
  • Length: 6.1 in Weight: 1-1/2 oz