Nories Lures NF60 Soft Body Frogs

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Nories NF60 Frog was designed by professional Japanese angler, Norio Tanabe, the Nories NF60 Frog may seem similar to other hollow-bodied frogs, but it is a far cry from your everyday amphibian. The unique 3D body of the Nories NF60 Frog is designed to keep both hookpoints covered, and then collapse whenever pressure is applied to the correct areas. Fitted with two split weights, the Nories NF60 Frog moves over vegetation and open water with a nose-up orientation that produces an emanating wake. For an added element of attraction, the Nories NF60 Frog is festooned with twin ponytails that help to call bass up from the depths. Turn “the one that got away” into “the one I caught today” with the incredibly effective Nories NF60 Frog. 



  • Nories NF60 Frog
  • Length: 2-1/2 in.  Weight: 0.6 oz  Type: Topwater