Nories Lures 4.5” Escape Twin Creature Baits 5pk

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The Nories ESCAPE TWIN is based on the proven success of the ESCAPE model to incite reaction bites with sharp action, plus extra volume to increase its appeal. The extra volume-up parts are all based on designed to be straight. This means they move quickly on fall and lift to incite reaction bites, and shake violently on touchdown for an unmistakable appeal and presence. Amongst these parts the two unique thick paddles wobble on fall and retrieve to appeal in a different manner than the other parts. The overall size of the soft bait’s silhouette resembles the perfect bite size crawfish. Enhanced with salt and scent technology, fish bite down on the bait for longer. Best used when casting into reeds on a Texas rig, or around structure on a Carolina rig. Can also be used as a rubber jig trailer, when targeting big bass. A must have soft worm for fast “strong” fishing styles.