Nories Shrilpin 6.5” Worm

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  • Nories Shrilpin
  • Length: 6-1/2 in.  
  • Quantity: 6 pk


The Nories SHRILPIN, a mix of two baits that bass love, Shrimp and Goby has been upsized for use on heavy tackle and with high appeal big NEKO rigs. Designed with a flexible center body and a tail end that moves freely and responsively. HYBRID SWIM design uses material with a differing density and stiffness in the body and tail, to create a body that catches the flow of the water for enhanced action, and a soft tail that doesn't interfere with swimming but instead enhances appeal with its independent action. The salted material in the head section gives the lure extra stiffness so that on a shake action, the vibration from the head makes the softer non-salt material in the tail shake. The differing material gives the lure a strong shake for appeal and a fine shake to make target fish bite. Also differing colour patterns on the tail and head can entice even pressured fish to bite. Made from material enhanced with taste and scent, bass hold on longer for improved hooking. 6.5" SHRILPIN goes beyond the standard lures, a new type of lure with balanced action derived from differing materials. A new style soft lure for your arsenal!