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O.S.P 3/8oz SLIPPER Jig

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OSP JIG 06 SLIPPER is rooted in all shallow covers, from light covers such as reeds and sunken branches to heavy covers such as wave-dissipating blocks with height differences, trees lying down on the water, and deep bushes. The ultimate swimming jig for shallow covers, with the concept of being able to wind without worrying about hooking. In this fishing, where you eat is directly related to the fishing result, "If you wind it over there, it will take root" or "I want to put it all the way into that bush, but it will get caught”,Negative factors such as "the trailer worm is likely to shift when fully cast" will be an unconsciously compromised approach, resulting in a drop in fishing results. In order to completely eliminate those negative factors, O.S.P JIG06 SLIPPER fulfills all performances such as head shape and material, guard force, hook, skirt, and worm hold performance at a high level. This confidence is an absolute advantage in fishing jigs.