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O.S.P 4.5” DoLive Shad 5pk

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Until now, the Shad Tail worm, when used in a no-sinker rig, acts lively by simply winding, but when you stop retrieve, it sinks with no action... It was a weak point. However, DoLive Shad is different! He acquired a new action that voluntarily swims even in free fall, turning weak points into a bite chance. The bait fish itself that goes to the bottom by its own intention is the figure that makes the body knock down while swinging the tail and falling! It is possible to catch a bass that can not be caught  only by winding, such as inviting with a fall action to a bass that does not eat even if you follow it, aiming for a fall bite if you let it land on the cover .. In addition, in the simple winding, the tail swings firmly even in dead slow retrieve, while it stabilizes in fast retrieve as well, producing an attractive sound in buzzing. Drive Shad is a unique Shad Tail Worm that can be hung from the angler side to respond to a wide variety of effects.