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O.S.P 4.5" DoLive Stick (7pk)

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Drastic live action. The DoLive stick is a high-density straight worm that specializes in performance as a fall bait, and a high-density stick bait that integrates the roles of a stick bait that specializes in performance as a twitch bait. Moreover, a different dimension of super-lively action has been realized for each application. In the falling set on a no sinker rig, the tail swings left and right while rolling the body. The luster is exactly the appearance of the bait fish swimming on its own will, which is different from the voluntary action of just trembling and falling. In twitching by rod operation, it makes an irregular dirt while twisting up, down, left and right, and the tail of the unique shape trembles with "Brutsu!" Is reproduced. The unparalleled action performance that breaks the limits of voluntary action makes the bass go crazy again.