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O.S.P 6” DoLive Shrimp 5pk

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"Shrimp"... It lives in all fields, is easy to catch for bass, and is delicious. It is obviously a favorite of bass to eat. Drive shrimp realistically expresses even the minute vibrations that occur as the shrimp moves while moving thin limbs in a busy manner. Ultra-high speed vibration of the reverse hand generated during fall and swimming is transmitted to the legs, beard, and uniquely shaped flat tail to quiver the whole body in small pieces, the shrimp itself scratching the water while drifting in the water. Also, the reverse hand has the effect of braking the fall speed, and the slow fall while shaking the body finely increases the bite during the fall.  After landing, the low specific gravity material keeps a natural horizontal posture even with slow invitations with stays. Even in any kind of invitation, the parts do not interfere with each other, and the bite is induced with a weak but lifelike movement. I would like you to experience shrimp more than real shrimp, and feel the foul sense that Seebass opens his mouth without annoyance.