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O.S.P Blitz DR Crankbaits

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Crank bait is a hard lure that you will most want to develop in size and range depending on the season, light blue, type of bait, etc. If the swim range is too shallow or too deep for the bottom and weed top, you cannot expect the best results. Blitz DR is a maximum of 3.5 ⅿ dive (effective range around 3.0m) from the water surface that fills the wide range between the existing Blitz MR and Blitz EX-DR. For example, it demonstrates valuable high performance in a wide range of situations such as okappari with a depth of 2 to 3 meters, capes and break lines from boats, standing trees and rocks, and big lake weeds and dredging areas that require long-distance casting.

  • Length: 53.0mm   Weight: 11g   Type: Floating/Rattle