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O.S.P Diving Frog

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The O.S.P Lures Diving frog proves its value around cover area where plugs can never approach.It is used in many situations like inside the bush or pier, under the overhang. Needless to say, lily pad or mat covering on the water surface. O.S.P shows its performance not only around heavy cover but around open water and light cover where bass seldom bite by simple action of ordinary frog.For example, in a closed area O.S.P can tempt bass on the spot by 180 degree turn with popping and dart action.On the contrary, wide area where cover scatters here and there, O.S.P can fish effectively by mixture of crank action and popper & dart action.This performance of O.S.P which can fish between cover and cover as crankbait is epoch-making because it tempts bass quickly by attacking cover closely. Also, it is effective for the fish staying under the surface of water, because it dives.This performance is impossible for normal frog or hard baits.In other words, O.S.P is a super ALL IN ONE BAIT. The performance is the fusion of popper, crank, darter plus it has big advantage, snaglessness. This is the birth of the revolutionary frog which has infinite possibility. We hope anglers enjoy new style of bass fishing with this O.S.P .


  • Length: 60.0 mm.   Weight: 14.0 grams.  Type: Floating