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O.S.P DoLive 4” Craw 6pk

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A feeling of live performance, all parts have a will.The development to create the ultimate claw bait started from a thorough examination of the actions of the previous claw and hog worms. As a result of repeated action tests and actual fishing in the super clear pool, the bite was concentrated when the worm "showed a lifelike movement." Things that move shiny in the fall are in the fall, those that show their true potential with subsequent invitations are in the invitation, and so on.Conversely, if there is a chance that the worm becomes unattractive during the series of operations from landing to picking up, it means losing the bite chance there. The OSP's first worm "Drive Claw" all parts function without waste and keeps inviting the bass at any time, anytime" The distinctive glossiness created by mixing different movements of each part is fall Increase the number of bytes inside. Immediately after reaching the bottom, scissors and beards lag behind the body and fall into slow motion, causing a time lag action that fascinates the bass. There is no such thing. I would like you to experience a strong wit without a doubt as if you were alive.