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O.S.P DoLive Beaver 7” MAGNUM 3pk

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If you just want to get a bass, you only need to have a large lure. But does it reach a part-time job? ... No. The performance of + α that can be eaten is required in the pulling force. The Drive Beaver Magnum acts by linking the body and the Basaro paddle to the extent that it can be called a joint worm, stimulating both the instinct of non-standard pulling power and predation & threatening, bringing about a hesitant eating, and a large number of bytes while pulling. It is a big worm that has a high level of compatibility with the contradictory conditions of catching. While loosely and widely fluttering the Basaro paddle in the dorsoventral direction, the body also bends like a counter to firmly grasp and move the water, giving off a presence with a vibrant wave.The flat body shape solves the problem of hooking, which is a problem of big worms, and by making a slide fall, it disturbs water in a wide range and appeals to the sight and lateral line of the bass at the same time. While supporting a wide range of water qualities from clear to muddy, it demonstrates even more potential under conditions that are generally considered tough, such as extreme turbidity. It's a terrifying and super-shocking feeling that even a high IQ big bass lurking in the A-class spot of Major Lake can easily bite. Drive Beaver Magnum, with the potential to break Angler's self-record and even kicker limits in tournaments, overturns the concept of big worm strategy.