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O.S.P High-Pitcher MAX Spinnerbaits (TW) Colorado/Willow

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The OSP High-pitcher is compact spinner bait. But it has strong appeal power which is a merit of spinner bait. That is why High-pitcher has left a lot of achievement under tough circumstances. But in actual fishing scene, there was a situation that High-pitcher was not almighty. So, High-pitcher Max was developed. It inherited excellent High-pitcher concept and maximize the appeal by size-up, and incorporated new elements.What we were particular about was skirt action. Different length skirt makes whole silhouette of the lure look almost like bait fish.Hard stainless steel wire has durability and provides smooth retrieve in weed area and transmits vibration to anglers firmly. Wire adopts the diameter to be the best match for each weight.


  • This O.S.P High-Pitcher
  • Spinnerbait (TW) Has a Small
  • Colorado Blade and a Big Willow Blade
  • (3/8oz 0.8mm Wire)、(1/2,5/8,3/4oz 0.9mm Wire)