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O.S.P HOOK SCRUM is a hook exclusively for cover cat rigs to bring out 100% of the worm's performance. By embedding the hook point in the worm to improve snagless performance and holding the worm between the V-arms, the worm does not easily shift even in rough handling (utility model 3226290). In addition, the underwater posture is also corrected so that the hook point faces upward, and hooking is firmly determined on the upper jaw. Even when the lure is hung through the cover, the stable posture reduces the transmission loss of the rod action and brings out the performance of the worm to the utmost limit. Assuming use with a heavy cover, a domestic hook that is hard to stretch even if a big bass is hung on the PE line with an MH class rod is adopted. Scrum for all covers takes the cover cat rig strategy to the next level.