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O.S.P HP 3.6” Shad Tail Swimbait 7pk

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Ultimate High Performance is integrated in this body. HP Shadtail 2.5in started development as a small Shadtail worm that can be used for various rigs, on the premise that both winding and shaking are important. Powerful vibrations and water pushes that are often lacking in this size shadtail worm can be produced from slow to fast, regardless of retrieve speed. With no sinkers (offset hooks #2 to #3) and jig head rigs, simple winding produces a powerful wobbling action that shakes the head. In the down-shot and shaking action at Nekorigu, the tail vibrates strongly and pushes the water according to the rod work. In addition, it corresponds to the trailer of Carolina rig and Smolava.04 Even if it is the lightest class weight of 1.2 g of Synchro, it will surely swing the tail with free fall. Notable is the Nekorig using a 2.2g nail sinker. A 0.3g sinker can be used for swimming, but a 2.2g sinker can be used to quickly drop the sinker so that it can be used as a secret reaction. High Performance and High Pitch. I named it the HP Shad Tail after taking this initial letter, but it demonstrates high performance performance that is ashamed of its name. You can surely eat a clever bus that raises the level of IQ year by year...