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O.S.P HPF Crank (Rattle)

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The O.S.P HPF flat side crank bait is a practical lure that widely conveys strong vibrations while accompanied by intense flushing due to its wide flat surface. The power to pull the bass from a wide range is strong just by winding it, and if you compare only that power, it definitely exceeds the round crank. On the contrary, castability, snagless performance, and buoyancy are inferior to round cranks. This is a structural weakness of the flat side and is also the reason why the lure has been limited to some experts so far. However, it is also a fact that the number of scenes that are definitely needed as a part of lure rotation is increasing. This is because there are many situations where the flat side is the only one.


Length: 63.0mm   Weight: 9.8g   Type: Floating