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O.S.P Louder 60 Popper

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The OSP Louder 60 Popper was designed to be the smallest size to correspond to the situation of busy major lake and shore fishing of small pond. Its #6 hooks do not tangle each other and its front hook point never touches the cup.The OSP Louder 60 Popper has lengthwise hook hungers which enable double hook tune. The weight is 8.4g.Body is designed rear weighted and high specific gravity. So although it has much feather, castability is good both distance and accuracy. Long nose and big cup grasp much water and makes pop sound when it touches the water. That sound appeals to big bass that hiding far back in the cover. It has Break Water structure inside edge of upper jaw. 


  • O.S.P Louder 60
  • Length: 2-1/2 in.  Weight: 0.2 oz.  Type: Floating