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O.S.P Dai Buzzn' Heavy Hitter Wakebaits

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O.S.P Lures DAI-BAZZIN' HEAVY HITTER was developed focusing exclusive appeal to big bass under certain condition. Normally big bass reacts the lure swimming surface with big sound. Needless to say, the quality of sound is important, because big sound sometimes causes opposite effect. After we studied quality of sound and volume, we reached O.S.P original blend resin and Mix which has rolling sound and wall knocking sound of big tungsten weight. When both sound occur simultaneously, special echo effect sound is created. This very double heavy hit and strong wake succeeded in wide appeal effect by pretending big bait. And even in the narrow spot that has limited productive zone,"double heavy hit" performs getting quick reaction bite by making bass notice the lure instantly.


  • O.S.P Dai Buzzn' Heavy Hitter
  • Length: 2-1/2 in.   Weight: 3/5 oz.   Type: Topwater